The most efficient way to inspect, monitor and improve housekeeping performance.

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Simplify Management

How Innspector Works

Innspector runs on a mobile device and transmits inspections using your hotel’s wifi. And since everything is saved to the cloud, your information is accessible from anywhere.

  • David McCartneyGeneral Manager, Asheville NC

    "Within a few months of using Innspector, our GEI in cleanliness has improved from 3 points below brand average to 2 points above."

Quality Assurance, Simplified.

Streamlined Inspections

Just tap through the checklist, click save and you’re done! No forms to fill out, no records to file and no data entry required. Inspections are instant, efficient and completely paperless.

New Feature

Attach photos and comments for additional documentation.

Custom Checklist Tailored to Your Hotel

No generic forms or standard templates. We help you build your checklist from scratch, one line at a time, based on the items you want inspected and the point values you assign.

  • Refrigerator
  • Pillow Chocolate
  • Bedspread

Automated Reporting

Inspections are saved to the cloud and actionable reports are instantly available online. From ranking reports to performance reviews, it’s all done for you and it’s all just a click away. For added convenience, your favorite reports can be emailed to you on a set schedule - no login required.

Automated Reporting Automated Reporting Automated Reporting

Improves Performance and Associate Satisfaction

Innspector’s reports make it easy to provide consistent feedback to your team which leads to better performance and increased satisfaction.

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